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About us

“Inoviem Scientific provides you a solution not just an answer”

Inoviem Scientific is a privately-owned Contract Research Biotech (CRB) offering preclinical and clinical services that use cutting-edge proprietary technologies to speed up drug-development.

As a CRB, Inoviem Scientific combines two worlds, the rigor, the reliability and the service of a CRO, and the flexibility, the creativity and the innovation of a biotech.

Our pioneering technologies allow us to work in any therapeutic field and with any therapeutic compound (small chemical molecules, fragments, proteins, peptides, antibodies, etc).

Our clients are any laboratories in the private or academic sphere working to develop therapeutic compounds.

Our innovatory force lies with the technologies we have developed, and our strength generally resides in our ability to analyse drug-target interaction to a high degree of precision directly on crude human tissue.

We will be your partner of choice for the development of drug candidates.

Our technologies have the potential to bring to light information hidden within crude human tissue from patients or healthy donors.

Inoviem Scientific will accompany you throughout the preclinical and clinical development of your drug, by providing your drug development team with highly valuable information about the therapeutic target, drug candidates’ mode of action, or side effects. We have experience of working with big pharmaceutical companies as well as SMEs.