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Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award

The Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award was created to encourage scientific excellence amongst researchers in the Life Sciences and to support their efforts in developing innovative therapeutic approaches that contribute to patients’ wellbeing in any field.

The award has a total minimum value of 50 000€. The rewarded scientist who devotes his or her research to developing an innovative pharmacological agent answering an unmet medical need will receive complete support from Inoviem Scientific for his or her project’s development.

If you are an innovative scientist tackling challenging drug development issues, don’t hesitate! Apply to the Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award. As an Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award winner, we want you to be recognised for your contributions in developing tomorrow’s medicines.

Below you can find further information on the prize, the rules and the criteria for your application to the last Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award. You will also find a downloadable application form and instructions for applicants.


A prize with a value of 50 000€

The prize includes a full service for the target identification of your pharmacological agent or the elucidation of its mechanism of action, through the Inoviem Scientific cutting-edge technology NPOT®.

Inoviem Scientific does not claim intellectual property rights over the developed therapeutic agent. Such rights will remain the property of the applicant.

There will be a joint publication between the applicant’s laboratory and Inoviem Scientific. Any fees associated with this publication will be paid by Inoviem Scientific.

NPOT®, or Nematic Protein Organisation Technology, is a label-free technology allowing for the isolation and identification of a therapeutic target associated with its interactome (proteins and nucleic acids), in physiological conditions. Our technology allows us to identify the therapeutic and the secondary target of any therapeutic agent and to elucidate their mechanism of action. This technology is also powerful for elucidating signaling pathways involved in physiologic or pathologic processes.

Please read the instructions for applicants to get more information on the award and apply to be the winner of the last Inoviem Scientific Excellence Award.

Please send us an email at: for any questions regarding the prize or the award.