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Respect for life – Innovation – Excellence are the ideals which shape our thinking, and guide our research, management style, and business practices.


Inoviem Scientific has developed a range of fully operative vanguard solutions in the field of drug development and drug-target interaction analysis. The secret behind this achievement is to be found in our authentic core values: Respect for life – Innovation – Excellence. It is these ideals which shape our thinking, and guide our research, management style, and business practices. They are closely related to the company’s primary purpose:

Inoviem Scientific was established with the purpose of contributing to the fulfilment of living beings

The mission of Inoviem Scientific is to improve Public Health, and more specifically to:

Improve today’s and tomorrow’s therapies

  • Reduce the side effects of drugs and drug candidates
  • Increase the therapeutic effect of drugs and drug candidates
  • Identify the patients who respond to drug candidates and drugs before administration (Personalised medicine)

Speed up the development of new medicines

  • Shorten the duration of disease and alleviate suffering
  • Reduce the attrition rate of drug candidates and cut development costs
  • Find new applications for existing medicines and molecules
  • Make therapies more affordable for patients and health insurance agencies


Inoviem Scientific’s core values pervade our past, present and future, and guide our day-to-day work.

Respect for life

We believe science is meaningless unless it serves living beings, either directly or indirectly. Respect for life and humanity is our top priority, and means that we place patients’ needs above all other considerations. Unlike conventional actors, our research and services are deployed in a physiological environment.


We are conviced that innovation is an on-going, multi-faceted challenge, not just a word. This is always in the forefront of our minds as our permanent search for better, innovative approaches permeates all of our work, including management and marketing. Given that everything and everybody are inter-related, our emphasis in on complete or multi-disciplinary systems, rather than merely individual parts.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in all areas. Our technologies have evolved thanks to scientific excellence. We want the quality of our services to guarantee full customer satisfaction and believe integrity and reliability are important elements for building trust and lasting partnerships.


Inoviem Scientific’s purpose and values ensure that our solutions respond to authentic needs, while strengthening the company’s future potential. According to our vision:

  • Inoviem Scientific’s solutions will become tomorrow’s standards in hospitals, research institutions and drug development laboratories around the world.
  • Inoviem Scientific’s research outcome will further our understanding of the mechanisms behind disease and allow us to continue devising innovative, biopropitious, state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Inoviem Scientific’s values, thinking and modus operandi will inspire other scientists, entrepreneurs and individuals.