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Who we are

Created in 2011 by Dr Eftekhari, Inoviem Scientific is a privately-owned contract research biotech (CRB). It has developed groundbreaking technologies for drug-target interaction analysis under physiological conditions and in human tissue.

The company’s approach is based on the simple idea that current technologies fail to take account of the natural environment in which a drug will have its beneficial effect. Due to concerns about the drug-target mode of action, the target is usually removed from its natural environment, resulting in the loss of important information and biasing the drug development process. The end consequence of this is marketed drugs with unexpected undesired effects or a loss of therapeutic activity.

By developing all of its technologies with crude tissue, and by using crude tissue as the analysis substrate, Inoviem Scientific succeeds in reconciling technology with physiology.

As a technology and innovation driven CRB, Inoviem Scientific is continuously investing human and financial resources in the development of complementary technologies to bring the best technological, creative and innovative solutions to its clients. This continuous investment will reinforce our analysis power driving Inoviem Scientific to become:

From preclinical to clinical: A leading explorer of drug-target interaction!