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Inoviem Scientific publishes its new screening model of extrapyramidal side-effects of antipsychotics

Strasbourg – September 2017

Inoviem Scientific is happy to announce the publication of its manuscript entitled “An efficient test battery for rapid screening of extrapyramidal side-effects of antipsychotics” in the International Journal of Drug Safety and Discovery.

The preclinical development of new antipsychotic therapies is facing three major hinders, i.e.1) the lack of animal models for the screening of iatrogenic extrapyramidal syndrome (EPS), 2) the lack of clinically relevant animal models that reflect psychosis, 3) the poor understanding in the global physiopathology of psychosis that renders the selection of new drugs inefficient. In this work we have addressed the first challenge by developing a sensitive, fast and easy to handle psychomotor test battery on two different mice strains highly (C57BL/6) and outmost moderately (MRL/lpr)  sensitive to iatrogenic EPS.

We are convinced that our research article provides a new useful functional methodology to characterize iatrogenic EPS, which will improve, speed up and reduce the costs of the early screening process of future antipsychotic compounds.

We wish you an insightful reading!!!


Citation: Judith Eschbach, Rachel Amouroux, Jean-Christophe Peter, Sylviane Muller and Pierre Eftekhari (2017) An Efficient Test Battery for Rapid Screening of Extrapyramidal Side-Effects of Phenothiazine Analogues. Int J Drug Disc 1: 004.