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Khondrion in collaboration with Inoviem Scientific publishes KH176’s target and mode of action

Strasbourg – April 2018, Inoviem Scientific announces that its Netherland-based collaborator Khondrion has published the target and the mechanism of action of its lead compound KH176.

The publication entitled “KH176 Safeguards mitochondrial diseased cells from redox stress-induced cell death by interacting with the Thioredoxin system/peroxiredoxin enzyme machinery”, was published online on April the 26th, 2018, in the Nature related journal “Scientific reports”.

The collaboration lasted for the last three years, during which, Khondrion and Inoviem Scientific collaborated to apply Inoviem’s cutting-edge technology for target deconvolution Nematic Protein Organisation Technique (NPOT®). Inoviem has isolated and identified KH176 target(s) and participated in the generation of data validating the identified target(s). A Press release has been publically released today.

Inoviem Scientific is proud to have had the opportunity to work on Khondrion’s lead program KH176 and helped the team in identifying the target(s) and in elucidating KH176’s mode of action.