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We believe that facing the challenge of safe and fast drug development, for the benefit of patients, is no longer a challenge that any pharmaceutical or biotech company can face on its own. Building effective collaborations of all kinds – from early stage development until clinical trials – is a priority for Inoviem Scientific.

Inoviem Scientific provides its cutting-edge, label-free technologies and its expertise to any pharmaceutical or biotech company involved in a challenging drug development program.

Through collaboration agreements, Inoviem Scientific will use its technologies to:

  • identify your drug target (therapeutic and toxic) in any human tissue (healthy or pathologic)
  • clarify its mechanism of action
  • identify and validate functional associated biomarkers
  • identify responder patients in your phase 0 or phase 2 clinical trials in order to optimise the outcome of your clinical trial.

You will benefit from an experienced team, a project-oriented program and cutting-edge, label-free technologies unique on the market which get rid of labels bias.

Inoviem Scientific has been involved in challenging projects to unlock drug development programs.

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Whether you want to know more about Inoviem Scientific technologies or if you have a partnering request to work with our seasoned team, please contact:

Dr Daniel Da Costa

Dr Daniel Da Costa
Communication and Commercial Officer (CCO)
+33 (0)9 72 56 95 02