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Complementary technologies

Struggling with compounds displaying toxicity and lack of efficacy in clinical trials, the current market has to improve.

Compounds are developed using biased technologies which do not reflect the physiological conditions present in patients. This situation leads to biased drug-target interaction analyses and drug development. The current inability to perform label-free analyses of drug-target interactions on patient samples in early development is one of the major reasons for those outcomes.

That’s why, Inoviem Scientific is aiming at filling those gaps, by constantly developing innovative technologies which could answer unmet needs and overcome challenges of pre-clinical and clinical studies for all its market actors.

While developing new technologies, the following parameters are taken into account: Label-free, the technology should bring high-value-added information on the drug target interaction without adding any label (whatever its nature, chemical, fluorescent or radioactive), either on the compound or on the target.

Physiological conditions, the technology should be able to perform detailed analyses in a physiological environment. They should bring information in an environment close to human physiology, which reflects the natural environment in which the drug candidate will have its therapeutic effect. Furthermore, the dose/concentration used in the experiments should not exceed physiological concentrations at which the drug candidate will be clinically used.

As a Contract Research Biotech, Inoviem Scientific is continuously investing human and financial resources to support its technological development programs, with a goal to offer the best technological solutions and to deliver the best services to its clients.